Helsingborg Declaration

The Helsingborg Declaration is an initiative where the city works together with stakeholders from the entire logistics chain to develop the Helsingborg region into Europe’s most sustainable and fast-moving logistics hub. Would your company or organisation like to join the Helsingborg Declaration? Below you can find more information about what this means.

The Helsingborg Declaration is an initiative coordinated by the City of Helsingborg. The purpose is to accelerate the work with climate change adaptation through concrete collaborative projects.

Together we are leading the way in the green transition

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. There are few issues as important for our future welfare, and green growth is high on the agenda for decision makers worldwide. In order to avoid the most catastrophic consequences of climate change, we must rapidly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

The City of Helsingborg is well on its way and has been chosen to be part of the EU Mission to reach 100 climate-neutral and smart cities by 2030. We have also been named Sweden’s top green municipality four years in a row, and five times in total.

The Helsingborg region has the best logistics location in Sweden and a significant part of the business sector is connected to the logistics chain.

We are raising the level of ambition for the city’s work with climate change adaptation, with sights set on becoming climate neutral by 2030. Achieving this goal requires that we join forces and all do our part.

Together we are leading the way in the green transition. The goal is to become Europe’s most sustainable and fast-moving logistics hub, with academia, political organisations, the private sector, and civil society all playing a key role in delivering this ambition.

That is why we are now launching the Helsingborg Declaration. Together, we are creating a network and a platform with stakeholders from every part of the logistics chain. Everyone who joins the movement has the ambition to accelerate their transition to climate neutrality by 2030. What makes us effective is that we are all acting together – organisations both large and small at all levels and all stages of the supply chain.

The common goal is net zero emissions by 2030

Our ambition is to achieve net zero emissions by 2030. The necessary transition calls for cooperation within industries and between companies, politicians, and civil servants at a level never seen before. We must find new ways of working, and we must do it together, quickly.

Achieving the ambition of net zero by 2030 means that emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane must correspond to zero by 2035. This applies to transport, electricity and district heating, industry, heating, industrial machinery, agriculture, and waste.

Read more about the city’s climate targets

Five strategic areas for green transition

In the Helsingborg Declaration, we highlight five areas with strong potential for green transition in different parts of the logistics chain:

  • Fossil-free energy
  • Smart, seamless, and efficient logistics
  • Technology and infrastructure
  • Packaging logistics
  • Circularity, reuse, and recycling.

These areas have been selected as they focus on climate change impacts that are close to the business operations and can therefore be influenced.

Parties to the Helsingborg Declaration

  • City of Helsingborg
  • Greencarrier Freight Services / JAS
  • Svenska Retursystem
  • PostNord TPL
  • Catena
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Frigoscandia
  • Odlarlaget
  • Robotminds
  • Serneke Sverige AB
  • Nowaste Logistics
  • Öresundskraft
  • Logicenters (NREP)
  • Prenad / Bravida
  • HUB Park
  • CLOSER / Lindholmen Sciencepark
  • ReLog / Lund University Campus Helsingborg
  • Boxon
  • Ängelholm Helsingborg Airport
  • Börje Jönsson Åkeri AB
  • Clemendo
  • Mobione
  • SLP
  • Port of Helsingborg
  • Scania Sverige – Region Syd
  • Castellum
  • Elonroad
  • Klimat-Transport
  • Ragn-Sells Recycling
  • Volvo Truck Center
  • Menigo
  • Skanska Fastigheter Sverige
  • Schenker AB
  • HBG City
  • Höganäs AB
  • Peab
  • Nordic Edge
  • NSR
  • Wihlborgs
  • OF Ekeri
  • Kemira
  • EIT Urban Mobility (Europeiska institutet för innovation och teknik)
  • Greenfood AB

Are you interested in joining the Helsingborg Declaration?

By joining the Helsingborg Declaration, you support this joint effort to accelerate the logistics industry’s green transition. This means implementing incremental improvements in one or more of the five strategic change areas in your own operations.

The Helsingborg Declaration serves as support in this work, but it is you who is responsible for implementing the changes.

The purpose of the Helsingborg Declaration is to be a platform for collaboration that leads to accelerated climate change action and provides added value to affiliated businesses, in the following forms:

  • A network for accelerated green transition in business
  • Visibility, marketing, and brand reinforcement
  • Opportunities for collaboration across boundaries
  • Knowledge sharing and experience exchange
  • The opportunity to inspire and be inspired
  • Accessible pathways to municipal government, business, academia, research and development
  • The opportunity to act together with advocacy from industry organisations and authorities
  • Positioning in Europe’s most sustainable and fast-moving logistics hub
  • External monitoring and coordination

The Helsingborg Declaration is a platform for cooperation and not a marketplace for those looking to sell their products. This means that the focus for new collaborations through the Helsingborg Declaration is on how you can accelerate your own green transition with the help of others rather than how you can help others to accelerate their transition by buying a certain product.

Helsingborg Declaration, English version (pdf 356 kB).

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