Lunch Time! Blockchain & other cryptocurrencies

Lunch Time! Blockchain & other cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies!? Blockchain!?
What is it really about?

At this Lunch Time! you’ll get answers to questions like:
– What are cryptocurrencies?
– What is the blockchain?
– The evolution of Blockchain!
– What is Proof of work & Miners?
– What do the main ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum & Ripple do?
– How will it disrupt industries?

Dennis Sahlström has been trading and investing since 2012 and has for the last two years been consistently profitable. He has been in the crypto- and blockchain space since the middle of 2017 and realised its potential for our world, not least how it is transforming the society we live in. He has now created an education platform where he teaches the very subject combined with investing and trading strategies. He also writes for two internet-based newspapers.


During 30-40 minutes you can enjoy your lunch while listening to a magical lecture. We meet at the stairs, the heart of Mindpark and THINK Open Space. Bring a lunch box or buy something delicious from our cafe! And why don’t you bring a friend as well?

  • THINK Open Space
  • Bredgatan 11
  • 25225
  • Helsingborg
  • 2 oktober 2018, 12:00 - 12:45